Pre-1947 Silver Coins and Pre - 1920 Silver Coins -

Are you sitting on a small fortune?

As you can imagine, we have lots of people who bring in their 'old biscuit tin' full of coins. Almost every family has one, that tin of coins that seems to grow with every generational hand down. It is often full of old copper pennies and none spendable foreign currency.

However, nine times out of ten, there's always a few (or sometimes a lot!) of Pre-1947 silver coins.....

If you are not a numismatist (Coin collector to the rest of the world), you maybe forgiven for not recognising the term 'Pre-47 coins'. It basically refers to pre-decimal coins, including Crowns, Half-crowns, Double-florins, Florins, Shillings, Sixpences and silver threepences all dated 1946 and before.

The reason why this date is important, is due to the fact that from 1920 to 1946, these coins were made of 50% silver (0.500 fine).

Examples dated 1919 and before are even better, as they were made of sterling silver (92.5%, 0.925 fine), making them more valuable! Most of the coins issued are extremely common, so the price of these coins is very dependent on the daily price of silver.

Many dealers will pay a face value multiple, rather than giving a 'price per gram'. This makes it easier for the seller to calculate the value of their coins.Pre 47 coins

For example, if we were paying 20 times face for pre-47, this would give a shilling (Face value of 5p) a value of £1.

Please see our information tables below for a guide to how much you can expect for your Pre-47 silver coins: *Please note, for large quantities, we can offer a slightly better price.

It is amazing how many people from 1947 up to decimalisation in 1971 sifted through their change, keeping back pre-47 coin examples.

Over the years, we have dealt with numerous sellers, many of which were old traders, who handled a lot of coinage on a daily basis.

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Pre 47 Half Crown Pre 47 Florin Pre 47 Shilling Pre 47 Sixpence Pre 47 Threepence
Pre 47 Half Crown Pre 47 Florin Pre 47 Shilling Pre 47 Sixpence Pre 47 Threepence