New Collectors

Over the past 10 years, the number of people taking up coin collecting has exploded!

When the 'credit crunch' hit in 2007, many people began investing in precious metals as an alternative to mainstream investments.

The majority of bullion related items come in the form of bars and coins.

As the bullion market grew, so did the coin market, with many people wanting to build date runs of specific coins.

Investors turned into collectors!

We deal with a number of 'newbies', and are always happy to offer any needed advice. We find many new numismatists tend to go for the modern proof items, where no grading skills are required, and the coin comes well presented with a certificate of authenticity.

When confident enough, people tend to drift into more older examples, where the grade of the coin often determines value.

Coin collecting is ideal for any youngster looking for a first time hobby. We all love to collect things - coins provide an insight to our past, and are incredibly interesting items to observe, and often works of art (At least we think so!).

If you are thinking of collecting, it maybe best to start with the old family biscuit tin of coins (There's usually one in every attic!).

By looking at the coins, and researching what they are, you can get a feel as to whether this hobby is for you.

You never know, you may come across a rarity! If you don't have access to a 'tin', we sell kilo parcels of mixed coins to get you started.

There's a real mixture of old coins to modern coins, British and foreign, at only £15! Here is a link to purchase:


Please feel free to take a look at our e-shop pages, where you will find a huge range of coins, from a few pounds each, to a few thousand pounds! All budgets are catered for.