Gold Coin Collections - Where to sell?

The interest in Royal Mint gold coins and gold proof sets has increased dramatically over the
last several years. We at M J Hughes Coins are always keen to purchase any Royal Mint gold
coins, from single gold proof sovereigns to large gold coin collections. Here is a list of just some
of the coins we want to purchase:

*Gold Sovereign sets

        -    3 coin gold proof sovereign sets
        -    4 coin gold proof sovereign sets
        -    5 coin gold proof sovereign sets

*Gold Britannia sets

        -    3 coin gold proof Britannia sets
        -    4 coin gold proof Britannia sets
        -    5 coin gold proof Britannia sets
        -    6 coin gold proof Britannia sets

*Gold Bullion

        -    Gold sovereigns
        -    Gold half sovereigns
        -    Gold Krugerrands
        -    Gold Maples
        -    Gold Eagles
        -    Foreign gold coins
        -    Gold bars and ingots
        *    Gold proof sovereigns
        *    Gold proof half sovereigns
        *    Gold five pounds and two pounds pieces
        -    Including Royal Mint gold proof crowns and double sovereigns
        *    Special edition Royal Mint gold coins
        -    2002 Golden Jubilee 13 coin gold proof collection with the gold maundy set
        -    Gold proof one pound pieces

          Gold Sovereign                                   four Coin Set                                   Britannia Set                                   krugerrand

In most cases, the value of your gold coins will be dependant on the gold price, along with
current market demands. We pay some of the best prices offered for Royal Mint gold proof coins
and sets.

Selling your gold coin collection to M J Hughes Coins is easy. We try and make the process as
easy as possible.

1. Call us on 01420 768 161 or e-mail us at for a free no
obligation offer for your coins. We are able to give an immediate price on the majority of
gold coins without seeing them first!

2. Visit our shop in Alton, Hampshire where we can give you an instant price. We also have
the ability to purchase on the spot with your preferred payment method.

3. Post your gold coins to us for a free no obligation offer. If the offer is not what you were
looking for, we will post back to you the same day. If acceptable, we are able to pay by
same day bank transfer payment (We recommend sending valuable items by Royal Mail
Special delivery)

4. If you are unable to make it to us, we can come to you! Get in contact with us to arrange
a free no obligation visit.

If you are thinking of selling your gold coins, please get in touch with us!

CALL US NOW ON 01420 768 161

If you are looking to sell Royal Mint gold proof sets or Royal Mint gold proof coins, please call us for an immediate price. We are always interested in purchasing gold coins. Please think of M J Hughes Coins when selling gold coins - One of the best places to sell gold coins.