Gold Coin Dealers


Whether you have the odd one, or an entire collection of gold coins, we at M J Hughes Coins are always interested in purchasing!

It can be a tricky decision in deciding which way is best to dispose of your gold coin(s).

There are a number of gold coin dealers who simply base their offer prices on the intrinsic value of the gold. Although, in many cases, the gold value is the defining factor in the price, we are gold coin dealers who take into account numismatic value.

For example, if someone contacted us wishing to sell a number of gold sovereigns, before offering a price, we would take the time to enquire into the date and condition of the coin, which potentially could add a huge amount to our offer.

Many other gold coin dealers would simply quote a price depending upon the gold price that day.

We offer incredibly competitive prices for all types of gold coins, whether they are gold bullion Krugerrands, or rare gold Sovereigns (It is our dream to find a
1819 sovereign for someone!)


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