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How to preserve your coins

We asked Peter for his top 3 easy and effective tips on how to preserve your coins! Here’s what he said:

1. DO NOT polish coins with metal polish.

Metal polish can seriously damage a coins appearance and value. To polish coins we advise using Goddard’s Silver Dip. However, be aware that dipping could destroy the patina on a coin. ‘Patina’ is the thin layer that forms on the surface of copper, bronze and similar metals when exposed to air for a long time. Silver coins with rose gold/violet hints in the patina generally enhances the aesthetics of the coin and should not be removed.

To remove old tape residue and stuck on debris such as; ink, tar and glue, simply leave the coin in acetone or nail polish remover for up to 24 hours.



2. DO NOT use plastic wallets for long-term storage.

Although, it is common practice Peter advises NOT to use PVC pouches for an extended period of time to store coins. When coins have been stored in such conditions green patches form on silver coins, in particular. If you didn’t make it to Peter’s Picks on time and have stored your coins in PVC pouches then Goddard’s Silver Dip will come in handy to remove the green on your coins.

If Silver Dip isn’t in your reach then dipping the coin in low-strength Ammonia will also help to remove any green patches.


3. Choose your coin storage wisely!

Peter says that coins should only be kept in cabinets made of inert materials to avoid chemical reactions and decomposition. Materials such as Mahogany and inert plastics are recommended. It is important to AVOID materials such as Cedar wood or Pine as they produce oils that can damage your coins.


If you need any more advice on how to preserve your coins OR want to know more about your coins then please give us a call on: 01420 768 161.